Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Purpose located?

  • 319 Dakota Dunes Blvd. Suites D & E.

What areas do you service?

    • The U.S. only; however, we can accommodate locals, their friends who live in another state, and your vacation home.

How long will my design take?

    • This depends on how big of a project. 1 room remodels from the time we begin working on your project could take up to 2-3 weeks until we bring you into the studio for a presentation. An entire home can take up to a year. There is no better time than the present to call us and start your project. When we are out on our first design consultation with you, we can give you a better scope on lead times.

Do you have a contractor that does all the work?

  • No, we work closely with all local contractors. We have recommendations that we can make to our clients. The selection of your contractor should be your own. They will be in your home day in and day out. A good relationship between the client and the contractor is key for a successful design process.


Who does your installs?

  • We do with our team of handymen.

  • We oversee all phases of the installation process.


what does Purpose install?

    • We install quite a few things, mainly any furniture purchased through Purpose directly. We will not install furniture or wall hangings purchased elsewhere. Specific items we install will be spelled out during the design estimating segment of our work.

Can we purchase the design and take it elsewhere to purchase product?

  • No, when working with Purpose you have access to a full-service studio. We work hard to ensure your love for the design and product before you do any purchasing. We want to be of the best service to you. We cannot perform at our best if we do not control the product's quality, function, and performance.
  • If you decide to purchase your product elsewhere, you will not receive any styling discounts. You will also be charged the appropriate fee for our design plans. If you would like to buy your product elsewhere and still use our services, a design service fee will be applied at a higher hourly rate. Additionally, we will not be held responsible for warranty claims, late arrivals, or product issues.

How is your billing and fees structured?

    • After filling out the inquiry form, you will receive a welcome package with a detailed list of our service fees and our billing process. In short, we treat your money as if it is our own, and we will have a lot of conversations around budget.

Specials or Discounts?

  • We run specials and discounts from time to time. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to catch those special deals and events.


    • We are here to help. Reach out to our procurement manager, and she will dive into the individual issue and vendor to verify what we can do about your warranty request. Purpose only backs their products for three years after installation. Vendors may have different warranties, some being life time.

Billing Questions & Product Arrival Questions?

    • Contact our procurement manager first. She will redirect your question to the appropriate caretaker.

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