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Our team's base is in the Dakota Dunes, South Dakota. We are well-versed in many different styles and with our team approach we can't wait to make your vision a reality! Our excellent customer service makes the entire process easy. We are there for you all the way from consultation to installation.


Lead Designer + Founder

All designers have a story, and here is mine. In this “little” house, my dream started. I spent my childhood clear into my pre-teen years playing with this custom-built Barbie house (made with love by my father.) I didn’t play with the dolls as much as I played with the house. Building beds from tissue boxes, making pillows with cut fabric stuffed with cotton balls, drawing on the walls, applying paper to the wall like it was wallcovering, fixing broken pieces, asking my dad to remodel it for me. I would spend all day and night designing my house.

My passion for design comes from my father, grandfather, and grandmother. They all worked with their hands in different ways that are seen in homes today. I would sit in the shop and watch my dad work, asking him, “how does this work?” and “why did you do it that way?”. I still ask contractors those questions about designs and how they will execute them.


Nicole Layman

Owner + Retail Manager


Ellie Weitzenkamp

Operations Manager + Interior Designer


Brady Schroeder

Assistant Designer + Marketing Coordinator + Stylist


Jordan Luckow

Showroom Sales + Window Treatment Specialist

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